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Visit the most authentic family-run wineries and learn winemaking techniques.
Enjoy nature in a vineyard tour while learning about soils types and local cultivation methods.
Taste wines with a guide and learn the labels terms.

Get emotional in a world heritage site of UNESCO.
Walk through the rooms of one of the many original Neo-Classic Villa.
Enjoy the beauty of the historic Palladian’s architecture.

Visit the best cheese farm of the area.
Learn about local cheeses and the ancient craft of cheese making.
Taste different cheese types including our local Monte Veronese D.O.P.

Experience the quiet and tranqullity of an olive grove.
Visit both a modern and traditional mill.
Learn how to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Visit the place of prosciutto production.
Smell the authentic prosciutto aromas in the ageing cellars.
Taste prosciutto and salami obtained from the old family traditional recipe.

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